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How to stealthily measure your Couple Promise Rings

You're ready to purchase that perfect ring for your boyfriend. But there's a problem finding the ring's size right without telling him. If you make an error the ring could slip off his finger or be too tight.

How can you figure this one out? One strategy is to borrow one of his existing rings. Make sure that the CoupleSets ring is one he is wearing, and not one that's accumulating dust in his drawer. This is the most precise method, but it could be risky if you are caught!

If taking a ring off his hand is not an option then you could ask his family or friends. Be cautious, however; you don't want to make the surprise less memorable by involving too many people. Only inquire with people you believe could discreetly obtain this information.

You can also choose the imaginative option: suggest a fun day of crafting where you and your companions make rings out of string or paper. You can measure the temporary ring while you're not looking, and you're done! You can also wrap a string around his wrist when he is asleep. This requires ninja-like skills and caution, so be careful.

There are also various applications and online tools that can convert everyday objects into sizing guide. One such app, Ring Sizer by Jason Withers allows you to make use of a credit card the scale to measure another ring. It's not 100% accurate, but it is better than making a guess.

And if all else fails, you could consider an adjustable ring. The majority of jewelers sell rings that can be easily adjusted typically at a low cost. However, keep in mind that this is usually only for simpler designs.

Even if you get the wrong size even if you aren't sure, it's not the end. Most jewelers offer resizing services and the thing that matters most is the amount of thought and effort that you put into this important gift.

What Material Speaks Love: From Silicon to Silver?

The material you choose to use for the ring for your boyfriend says the whole story about your relationship with each other and what you think will resonate with your partner. From precious metals such as platinum and gold to alternative materials like silicon or wood, each has its unique attraction and message.

Platinum and gold are excellent choices if your boyfriend prefers classic and timeless pieces. These metals have a long-lasting value and are less likely to rust or become corrosive. They can be costly.

Materials like titanium and tungsten can be a good choice for those who prefer a tough or casual appearance. These metals are durable and less susceptible to scratching, making them ideal for someone who's frequently working with their hands frequently.

Do not overlook the symbolism which is embedded in the material. For instance, a silicon ring may not cost a lot but it's also flexible and unbreakable, representing flexibility and resilience in the context of a relationship. Some people even go for wooden rings that convey the natural beauty and simplicity.

Choose jewelers that make use of recycled or conflict free materials in the pursuit of sustainability. This is especially important for those who have a boyfriend who is environmentally conscious.

Whatever material you choose be sure it's compatible with the way of life and values. You don't want your ring to feel out of place, or that is uncomfortable or unsuitable for the everyday activities.

Material selection is an essential element of buying rings for your boyfriend, but it is also deeply personal. There aren't any strict and rigid rules, but only guidelines. The most important thing is the love and thought you put into selecting something that's unique to you.


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